NIH Depends on Andor Health for Contactless Triage, Clinician Collaboration and Back-to-Work Recovery Plans

For National Institutes of Health, protecting the health, safety, and wellness of its staff, providers and patients has always been a top priority.

But when the global pandemic hit, NIH moved swiftly to implement Andor’s ThinkAndor® platform to ensure clinical research teams, providers, and patients had immediate access to the most critical information with capabilities like:

  • Digital contactless COVID-19 screenings and triage
  • Configurable emergency notifications to NIH staff, providers, and patients
  • COVID-19 health and safety educational information for NIH staff, providers, and patients
  • Automated push notifications of appointment changes, operating hours, and clinical protocols, and other information
  • Back-to-work safety and recovery communications

At Andor, we’re committed to helping clients like the NIH and Orlando Health with rapid go-lives.

Learn how you can put the power of Andor’s COVID-19 Mobile Platform to work for your organization to power contactless triage, real-time notifications, and back-to-work and patient safety communications.

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